Music Icons Forever

About the Project

Illustration development to celebrate artists that have marked both the American and the world's music scene. Postal stamps are compressed into a small rectangular shape that is only a couple of inches in size, it was key to develop a solution that would be legible on a small scale. We figured that working with geometric shapes would allow us to make the best use of that space but most importantly add personality to the illustrations. Layering simple shapes and gradients allowed for the flat illustrations to take on another dimension. ‍ Collection of stamps celebrate Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Freddie Mercury, and Prince. This project received a first-place award juried by internationally-recognized graphic designer, Craig Frazier.

Music Icons Forever
El Paso, Texas
Nina Simone Stamp Illustration
Michael Jackson Stamp Illustration
Prince Stamp Illustration
Freddie Mercury Stamp Illustration
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